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Jennifer Asselstine (she/hers)'s Personal Meeting Room - Shared screen with speaker view
Jennifer Asselstine (she/hers)
Welcome everyone! If you were late in joining us, I invited everyone to think about posting questions in the chat. The last 20 minutes will be an open Q&A. Karen Seong will be fielding questions. She may invite you to open your mic to ask your question or she will ask the questions on your behalf. Thank you for coming today! So good to see your all!
Jennifer Asselstine (she/hers)
Recommended Book: Diversity and Design - Understanding Hidden Consequences edited by Beth Tauke, Korydon Smith and Charles Davis.
Ricardo OR Lisa:We are designing affordable housing in Oakland and want to be “inclusive” in our design.Can you share examples of what is a “ brown and / or black aesthetic?” OR approach….?
Kenya Steward
Hello all (warm smile). This question is for Lisa Cholmondeley: First, thank you so much for sharing your time with us. Many times during your presentation you described your moments and experiences as “amazing”. Were there any moments that were not so “amazing”, and if so, why and what did you carry forward from such experiences?
To Riccardo, what kind of architectural features would be good examples of inclusive, instead of just superficial features or images on the structures themselves.
Juke Jose
How do you grapple with the privilege of your role as a designer / creator?
HI! Mr. Ricardo We are designing affordable housing in Oakland. From your lecture, I learned that there are “ways to be inclusive”for my community of color – brown and black. Can you share an example from your teaching and approach?
Jennifer Asselstine (she/hers)
Hello Prescott! So great to see you here!
Yim Gloria Jew
yes, thank you Prescott for all your committed work and teachings.
Is there anything about inclusive design programing that can also show the individualism of diverse communities. So far the examples have all been in respect to public or communal projects. Is there room for the individual in this community centered concept?
Gail Napell
thank you so much Ricardo and LIsa - for your commitment and sharing
Kenya Steward
Thank you Karen, and Lisa
Kenya Steward
(Yes)…I understand
Shelanda Pascal
Have you ever been offered or asked to work on a project which stood for something that you could not support? How did you handle the situation and what did you gain or lose from they way in which you chose to handle it?
Prescott Reavis
Jennifer and Yim, thank you for hosting these great spaces for the students to hear first hand experiences and to expand their thoughts about what the can be accomplish with their degree.
Yim Gloria Jew
Prescott, appreciate your prodding and sharing your urgency and insights….this agenda is forefront in both learning and teaching.
Jennifer Asselstine (she/hers)
Prescott, you know how important this forum is to me personally. Now with all of us being remote, the online students who were more "invisible" in the room when we were at Brannan are far more able to be present. I am so happy to see how the participation has been able to evolve even though it is based on sad circumstances. These experiences and lessons we will take into the future!
Jamon Mok
Thank you Ricardo & Lisa for the amazing sharing. Given the multitude of social injustices that is perpuated by the generations of systemic injustice, from constraints created by redlining, real estate economics, policy, corruption, etc - so many things that architects and architecture sometimes aren't the best people/field to address. In consideration of this, What do you think is one thing architects should focus on for the greatest impact beyond the project they are working on so as to scale the impact?
Thank you Ricardo and Lisa. How would you advise developing economies, that are not so keen on investing in housing, on growing slum dwelling?
Julia Grinkrug
Thank you Lisa and Ricardo for a very inspiring presentation! How would you advise students of color in our school to amplify their own voices and represent their authentic culture?
Mark Mueckenheim
Thank you so much Lisa and Ricardo for coming to our school and thank you Jennifer for setting this up!
Yim Gloria Jew
thank you Ricardo for you powerful position
Shelanda Pascal
thank you so much ricardo
Amy V
Thank you so much!
Kadia Bah
Thank you!
Olga Bogatova
thank you!
Yim Gloria Jew
thank you Lisa for what you bring to our school and to professional practice at Gensler.
Yim Gloria Jew
well said Jennifer….”robust empathy”, thank you Jennifer for the energy and effort this takes…
Dania Babi
Thank you all for such an inspiring discussion
Shelanda Pascal
Have you ever been offered or asked to work on a project which stood for something that you could not support? How did you handle the situation and what did you gain or lose from they way in which you chose to handle it?
David Gill
Thank you all!!
Masamichi Ikeda
Thank you very much. It is very inspiring and encouraging.
Carol Buhrmann
Thank you for the enlightening conversation.
Kenya Steward
Many thanks everyone…always even more proud to be apart of our AAU Arch community after every interaction…see you all again soon.
John Tott-Berger
thank you everyone for a great discussion and a big thanks to Lisa Cholmondeley and Professor Ricardo Gomes for speaking
Juke Jose
Thank you Lisa!
Shelanda Pascal
thank you everyone for your time.
Julia Grinkrug
Thank you so much again, Lisa, for being a great model for the students!
Mark Mueckenheim
Thank you!
Yim Gloria Jew
Lisa and Ricardo, so much inspiration….thank you in gratitude
Irene Baguma
thank you all. blessed thanksgiving
Julia Grinkrug
I keep listening to Ry Charles - Georgia on my mind :-)